Thursday, November 10, 2011

gchat is fun

me:  you there?
 Elizabeth:  Yeah.
 me:  do your feet get cold?
 Elizabeth:  yes.
 me:  so do mine
i thought maybe it was just me... i feel much better now
 Elizabeth:  No, a lot of people's feet get cold because no one's blood circulates as well down there.
 me:  that sounds like science!  who the fuck taught you science??!!!  THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW
 Elizabeth:  What?
 me:  well you're a woman... at the meetings we decided that women shouldn't learn science so they can continue to be disenfranchised
 Elizabeth:  But I'm in law school.
How am I going to be disenfranchised with a law school?
 me:  have you ever met a truly enfranchised woman?  think about it... law school is just another trick we're playing on you
 Elizabeth:  Well that sucks.
I wish I had known that sooner.
 me:  sorry, it's like fight club... i couldn't tell you about it until it was too late
 Elizabeth:  That makes sense.


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